Gameglobe – Christmas Theme Now Available

Square Enix and Bigpoint have just announced that the highly anticipated Christmas theme is now available for the innovative MMO, Gameglobe. The latest update for the game provides a variety of Christmas themed items and decorations such as presents, snowmen and even some new vehicles and weapons.

Haven’t heard of Gameglobe? It’s one of those unsung MMO games that has actually provided the MMO space with something a little different, straying away from the typical MMORPG recipe. Players can enjoy thousands of creations made by the community, from typical side-scrolling mini-games to a carefully thought out selection of MMORPG’s.

If you’re familiar with the RPG Maker, Gameglobe offers a very similar system. It gives players the opportunity to use dozens of in-game tools to create their own game world, even going as far to allow script commands that gives the creator control over switches, variables and other script-side tools. There’s hundreds of items available to make your game a little more unique and that list continues to grow with this latest update.

It’s not for everyone but if you’ve got a few hours to kill check the massive list of creations submitted by the community on the official website.

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