SMITE Spotlight – Odin

I give League of Legends quite a bit of attention with my monthly top played Champions lists but there are plenty of other MOBA games that deserve some attention also. Today marks the start of my new article series where I’ll discuss a variety of the God’s within SMITE and offer my personal opinion on their abilities and deadliness in-game. For my first article in the series I thought it would be best to play safe and choose my main God, Odin.

I’ve spent endless hours playing SMITE but it was only recently that I started to consider Odin as one of my more favorite God’s in the game. Classified by Hi-Rez Studios as a Brusier/Tank, Odin not only has the damage to tear apart enemy God’s but he’s also got the sustain, allowing him to go toe to toe with the majority of God’s within the game.


His passive ability, Birds of Wisdom, is the target of quite the debate among the community. Many have labeled it as totally useless while others have said it’s one of the best in the game. I would be inclined to agree with the latter assumption here. It’s a constant passive that increases Odin’s minimap range by 100%, doubling his viewable distance compared to all other God’s. Thanks to his very powerful passive ability I can honestly say I have never been ganked or caught unaware, and the extra viewing distance has scored my team dozens of kills thanks to ambushes and sneak attacks.

His bread and butter ability is Lunge. This powerful ability sends Odin flying into the air before landing at his destination damaging all enemies within a certain radius. Most Odin players I’ve come across tend to level this one first. However I avoid leveling it before his other abilities as I feel they can be more deadly with the way that I play. The best thing about this ability, apart from the incredible damage, is the escape potential. Using Lunge, Odin is able to jump across various obstacles to almost guarantee an escape. It is without a doubt the main reason I’ve managed to play so successfully with Odin.

Next comes Odin’s Shout. This powerful buff provides all nearby allies and minions with up to a 55% increase in attack speed. I usually level Odin’s Shout relatively early as the large increase in the early levels can be enough to turn the tide of battle. I quite often find enemy God’s overextend or attempt to attack when I have more minions on my side, this buff increases that advantage even further and it works great against trapped God’s with Odin’s ultimate ability. I’ve even scored a few unlikely kills while retreating, throwing out the buff to nearby minions as I retreat to my tower, only to watch them claim the kill on my behalf.

My favorite ability available in Odin’s arsenal is Gungnir’s Might. As a passive ability this skill provides Odin with increased health regen and physical protection, making it a great skill to level in the early laning phases. It’s also a very potent attacking ability as it launches an AoE that deals a great amount of damage and applies a slow to any God it hits. It’s such a versatile ability as it offers Odin more protection, should he be struggling in a fight, but it’s also a great way to catch fleeing enemies.

His ultimate ability, Ring of Spears, can be both amazing and frustrating. Once activated a Ring of Spears circles Odin and traps anything nearby. It sprays Odin with a huge variety of benefits including increased protection, physical damage and best of all, immunity to crowd control. This ability is completely situational as it depends heavily on the position of both your allies and your enemies. Should you trap the wrong God’s inside the circle, you could spell demise for many of your allies or even yourself. However on the other hand, trapping allies inside that center around deadly AoE attacks can be a surefire way of wiping out the enemy team completely.

Odin continues to be one of my most played God’s and although my win/loss ratio is nothing extreme, his ability to do damage and survive is almost unrivaled in the SMITE world.

Have you ever played Odin? Is he someone you struggle against? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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