SMITE Surpasses League Of Legends – In One Aspect Anyway

Although the MOBA community will fight to the death to defend League of Legends‘ dominance, there’s one aspect of the MOBA that has now been surpassed by the increasingly popular competition, SMITE.

Hi-Rez Studios recently announced that the SMITE World Championship has amassed a staggering $2.1M prize pool following the excellent “crowd-source” funding style approach implemented by the development team. SMITE’s micro-transaction model has proven to be incredibly successful with the community as thousands purchased unique skins and other rewards through the Odyssey.

The budget already sits at an impressive $2.1M but will continue to rise ahead of the SMITE World Championships that will take place from January 9th through to January 11th.

SMITE World Championship - $2,000,000 Prize Pool!

Source: Press Release

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