SMITE To Launch On PlayStation 4 May 31st

Hi-Rez Studios today sent out word that the PlayStation 4 version of the award-winning free-to-play MOBA, SMITE, will soon be ending its Open Beta phase will full release coming this Tuesday, May 31st. Already available on PC and Xbox One, both of which featured extensive Closed Beta and Open Beta testing periods, the official release of SMITE on PlayStation 4 follows a series of exciting updates from the team at Hi-Rez Studios, ensuring a smooth transition from Open Beta.

Since its original Closed Beta release on PlayStation 4 developers Hi-Rez Studios have taken huge strides to improve performance, offer platform-exclusive features and increase the games roster with regular content updates and God fixes. Check out some of the biggest updates since SMITE reached the PlayStation 4 platform:


  • Doubled Frame Rate – SMITE now runs at a solid 60 FPS
  • PlayStation 4 Exclusives – SMITE now boasts dozens of awesome trophies available exclusively for the PS4
  • New Game Modes – Awesome new content in the form of Clash and Siege Modes
  • New Gods – 4 New God’s introduced, bringing the total roster count to a huge 75 playable characters


SMITE - Launch Trailer | PS4

Source: Press Release

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