Smite – Vulcan God Reveal

When the gods of Rome ride chariots across the sky, it is Vulcan who made then.  When they reach for weapons to wield in battle, it is Vulcan that forged them.  When the very earth rumbles and the mountains erupt in sneering pain, it is Vulcan’s rage that burns!

Hi-Rez Studios and SMITE, the awesome free to play action MOBA, have just released a brand new hero along with their great video spotlight.  The new Hero is Vulcan, the Smith of the gods.  Vulcan is a melee magical tank.  Take a look at the video below to get a taste for what Vulcan brings to the battle.  I’ve gone ahead and wrote out what his abilities are so you can get a quick glance before you begin to test him out in the battlegrounds.

[heading]Abilities[/heading]Passive:  Forge: Vulcan transfers a portion of his health and protections to his turrets, also when he is in close proximity, his structures re-generate.

First ability: Backfire: Vulcan blasts a fireball out of his forge, dealing magical damage to all enemies in its path.  Vulcan also gets knocked back 20 feet.

Second ability: Inferno canon: Vulcan constructs a cannon that shoots fireballs in a cone and deals magical damage to the target.

Third ability: Thumper XVI, Vulcan constructs a Thumper XVI that deals magical damage and slows enemies in the area around the Thumper.

Ultimate: Vulcan Overdrive: Vulcan gains movement speed and protection and all of his structures fire at a quicker rate and a significantly higher regeration.

[heading]Vulcan Video Reveal[/heading]

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