Sneak Peek At Riders Of Icarus’ Halloween Event Lineup

It’s that time of year again and developers around the world are planning to launch some of their most exciting events of the year. WeMade Entertainment and Nexon America today offered Riders of Icarus players a sneak peek at some of the rewarding content on offer this Halloween season in the premier mounted combat MMO. Riders of Icarus continues to prove popular among the MMO crowd following a huge update recently and the announcement that the game has attracted over 1 million players, many of which are expected to return for this months lineup of events.

The sneak peek comes via a short post on the official website detailing this years Halloween festivities that players will encounter in-game in the coming weeks. Many are ongoing events while others will be more exclusive and boast greater rewards.


  • Gustling Isle – Titan Tranua spearheads the enemies efforts as the boss of a brand new raid dungeon
  • Pumpkin Candy Chase – Dozens of different creatures scattered across the realm of Riders of Icarus will drop candy that players can collect and trade in
  • The Giant Pumpkin Hunt – Huge Jack O’Lanterns will randomly spawn across the world, inviting nearby players to take them down for rare and valuable prizes
  • The Headless Knight – An unexpected surprise for dungeon goers as The Headless Knight randomly spawns in dungeons looking for his head. His mount is up for grabs


Lastly some of the games more popular dungeons available with the original release will be getting the legendary makeover. During the event players can enjoy Lavalight Cave, Carleon Manor and Ruins of the Matren with new legendary difficulty settings and rewards.

Source: Official Website

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