Soldier: 76 Wages A Personal War In Overwatch

The latest character reveal for Blizzard’s upcoming MMO epic Overwatch may be the target of an international manhunt but that hasn’t stopped the vigilante Soldier: 76 from taking the time to introduce his long list of deadly abilities in combat. The mysterious figure only came known to the world following a string of corporate attacks aimed at disrupting the thought-to-be secure facilities of the Overwatch organization. His motives are inscrutable but the results are clear, Soldier: 76 means business.

While his true identity and origins remain a mystery, Soldier: 76 is believed to be a member of a shady “soldier enhancement program”, a program designed to give average American soldiers enhanced human abilities – far exceeding that of a traditionally trained soldier. Whether he’s truly trying to shed light on the conspiracy that brought the Overwatch organization to its needs, or just causing chaos, Solder: 76 is more than equipped to do both.

Today Blizzard revealed a bevy of details about Soldier: 76, introducing his origin story and abilities to an excited audience of Blizzard fans.

Introducing Soldier: 76

Introducing Soldier: 76 | Overwatch

Soldier: 76 Origin Story

Soldier: 76 Origin Story | Overwatch

Soldier: 76 Abilities

Soldier: 76 Ability Overview | Overwatch

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