Sony announces Nasne, a home network hub

Sony has done it again. With their new release of Nasne, they have come up with something that we weren’t even expecting. Nasne is a standalone network hub that is compatible with the Playstation 3 and the PS Vita. It has a built-in 500GB hard disc drive and a digital terrestrial and satellite broadcasting tuner. If you connect Nasne to your home network, you can watch and record digital terrestrial and satellite television through a dedicated app on the PS3, called torne. You can also access recorded content from Vita, Sony tablets and Xperia devices as well. Nasne can also stream live or recorded TV simultaneously onto two supported Sony devices.

You can also use Nasne to store movies, photos and music on the 500GB built-in HDD, which can be connected using a home network. You can add an external HDD to Nasne to increase storage space for whatever you might need.

Here’s how Nasne works with PS3: PS3 users will be able to watch and record digital terrestrial and satellite broadcast through LAN cable by installing torne version 4.0, a dedicated application for PS3, which comes bundled with Nasne.

By connecting a maximum of four Nasne units to your PS3, you can simultaneously record up to four television programs. Those who already have a torne device connected to their PS3 will be able to connect a maximum of four Nasne units to their PS3 and record up to five television programs. Details of torne version 4.0 for PS3 will be announced separately.

And here’s how it works with PlayStation Vita: PS Vita users can watch and record digital terrestrial and satellite broadcasts through “torne for PS Vita” (tentative name), a dedicated application for accessing Nasne from anywhere within the same home network via Wi-Fi connection. Torne for PS Vita will be available within this calendar year.

Nasne can simultaneously create an export file while a television program is being recorded, so you can quickly transfer recorded content through Wi-Fi connection and watch it on the go on your PS Vita.

We shall see how this will pan out, if it ever comes to North America or Europe. There has been no announcement of that just yet.

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