SWTOR free game-time offer extended, revised

Bioware, the developer of Star Wars: The Old Republic, apparently had a change of heart. They are now extending their free in-game offer and also altering it as well. You now have to be a Legacy Level 6 in order to qualify for this free in-game time.

There are various ways of attempting to get to this level. You may have two characters that are levelled to 45 and 42, for example. You could also have characters levelled 45, 32, and 32. Or you could have numerous characters 35, 33, 31, 29 and 20.

Or you can, as before have one character who is level 50 who has participated in the endgame content for a “brief time”.

The decision as to why Bioware has decided to do this is because of the fan feedback that they had received. A lot of fans felt that having multiple high-levelled characters were just as ‘loyal’ or devoted to the?SWTOR universe as those with level 50 characters. Bioware has listened and taken that into consideration.

BioWare’s co-founder Greg Zeschuk explained: “We just released the innovative Legacy system as part of Game Update 1.2, and felt that looking at Legacy point progression across all of your characters was a great way to reward our most avid players.

“This means that any of the experience you earn with any of your characters brings you closer to the goal of Legacy Level 6.”

All of the players have until April 22nd at 6PM BST to reach Legacy Level 6 or character level 50 in order to qualify for the 30 days free SWTOR game time.

The free game-time will be applied to the player’s account by April 25th.

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