Soul Captor – ?The Prisoner of Dragonest? Update Goes Live

With the brand new update for the free online fantasy MMO Soul Captor, there is a ton of new content for all to enjoy! ?Players will be put on a path to meet the ultimate enemy, the Dragon King. The Ancient Dragon is controlled by a ?black force? and the only way that he is able to be released from the spell is to defeat him.

?The Prisoner of Dragonest update takes you on an epic journey towards the Westlake area, where rumour has it, the Dragon King is being held captive. Go check out this new adventure by yourself and embark on dangerous quests to discover the secrets of the Dragon King!?

Players will find one of the biggest challenges within Gigantica is a new instanced map that is certainly not for the weak. Only the ones who are brave can face the warriors and guardians that await you in Gigantica. And if you happen to make it to the end of the journey, you will be confronted by a “super boss”.

The update not only expands the storyline, but introduces new maps, enemies, and a level cap increase to 60. There are a wide range of new lands and numerous quests to complete within this new update, which some of the key features as follows:

? The start of a new main quest, the Dragon King storyline.

? Level-cap up to 60 and new class skills released for the new levels.

? 6 new exciting new zones to explore and new quests to undertake.

? 2 new instances.

? 2 added daily events: Dicemania and Bombachicken (Hard).

? New Anima Express quests for LVL 51 – 60 players.

? New LVL 60 Extreme Tower Map (Moonfang).