Soul of Guardian – Battle Royale PvP Event

The Battle Royale for the most popular MMORPG of the year, Soul of Guardian, is available. Players will be able to test their PvP expertise against the best of the best players.

?Battle Royale brings together the heroes in SOG to fight for ONE championship. Will you be the one who laurels the champion? Give it a shot and reveal your strength to the world!?

Starting on September 20th, the competition runs over a course of five days – the KO, round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals. The KO will be the single round eliminations and will end when 16 players are standing. The other rounds will be five minutes and the best-of-three with two minute breaks in between each round. The last player left standing will be named the Champion and awarded a Golden Gift pack.

Get in on the action on September 20th!

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