Soul of Guardian Adds Nightmare Unicorn to its Mount Lineup

WSGame has just announcd that it’s going to add a new mount to the free to play browser MMORPG Soul of Guardian come September. The new mount “Nightmare Unicorn” will be the fourth mount added to Soul of Guardian, following the first three; Cruel Wolf, Dhole and Ferocious Lion. WSGame was not too specific about the new mount’s characteristics but we do that know it looks pretty cool, as you can see in the picture below.

Soul of Guardian Server Merger

Soul of Guardian, one of the most popular role playing games of 2012, will be merging three of its servers (S1-S3) on August 8th. After the merger, all rankings will be reset, but Guild information (including members, Guild level, assets, and research level) as well as the top-up entrance will remain intact. The server merger is to promote a more competitive and balanced environment where PvP is more exciting.

Best Free Browser MMORPGs for 2012

Browser MMO games are all the rage these days. And with the technological advances of today’s computers, you don’t have to spend all your time downloading a massive file just to play your favorite games, you can get the same awesome gameplay experience from one of these browser games.

Soul of Guardian

Soul of Guardian

“In the Battlesoul Continent, there only exist four elements at first: wind, fire, water and earth. About one million years ago, these elements became conscious and the four element Gods came into being.”

Soul of Guardian is a browser-based action RPG set in a hybrid fantasy world. Players choose one of four classes and head off into the adventure in the virtual world of the Battlesoul Continent. Alongside the quest line, players will sail through levels, finish tasks and unlock new features. Skill tree, mounts, pets, fishing, party, friend list, guild, various chat channels, dragon slaying and more.

In Soul of Guardian you begin by selecting your avatar’s gender,  name, and class ? Blade Warrior, Dagger Assassin, Hammer Judge or Spear Guard ? and are loaded into the game. Once in, you will find yourself running around the fantastic fantasy world, an NPC pops up asking you to go visit another to take the first quest. It is now that you begin your journey in this beautifully crafted world.

Quests revolve around message relay, collecting and slaying monsters. The story quests are meant to provide the role-playing elements and engulf you in the lore of the Battlesoul Clan. As you level up you are able to access more playable contents, such as mounts, pets (known as Soulbeast in the game), fishing, body building, character attribute enhancement, guild, group fight and more.