Soul of Guardian – Confirmed Plan To Merge Servers

Soul of Guardian, a free-to-play action RPG by WSGame, has confirmed their plan on merging two of their servers together. Server 22 is now be a part of Server 26. With the game having only been released this year, the number of players joining the game is continuing to rise. This is to promote a more competitive and balanced environment so that the PvP aspect of the game will be more entertaining for all of the players involved. 

In order to celebrate this newest server merge, Soul of Guardian has launched some events for the players on the Servers 22-26. The players who join in the events will receive generous rewards. One such event is titled “Pet Masters” and allows players to nurture their faithful companions before the event time is up. Up until October 29th, 2012, the players who have their pets’ rank to the Top 10 in strength, will receive a lot in-game Gold, up to 500. 

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