Soul of Guardian – New Snowpride Peak Server Launched

Soul of Guardian, the browser-based action RPG set in a hybrid fantasy world, made by WSGame, has launched a new server, Snowpride Peak which is the 28th server for the game and will be hosting some opening events and will be ending on September 13th, 2012. There are four ?events? in total for this new server opening.

The first event consists of if a player tops up their Gold on the first day of playing Server 28, then you will receive a buy-one-get-one-free top-up experience. If a player was to accumulate a top-up of 1,000 Gold within 24 hours after creating a character in the server, then you?d receive the same amount for free. Obviously, the more you top up, the more you will get of a bonus. Players will also receive a First Top-Up Gift Pack with items such as an epic pet, Dhole and 100 bound Gold.

The second event?s duration is permanent and it allows players to ?top up and become VIP during event time, [and] you will enjoy exclusive VIP Privilege?. There is also a VIP Giftpack of corresponding level for level 1,3,5,7 and 9 VIPs as well.

The third event is if you join a Guild during event time (until September 13th), you will get a Divine Lucky Giftpack. You may get level 60 Legend Equipment, Unbound Gold or Flawless Rune from it. You are also able to create your own Guild for the cost of only one silver.

The fourth event, which only lasts up until September 13th as well, is players who rank top 10 by strength will get rewarded for doing so as well.

The fifth event, again until September 13th, is if players rank up to top 10 in Arena wins Gold as well.

Last but not least, this event is for all servers and is a Facebook event. If you share the post on their Facebook page, you will receive Gold as well. You need to meet the number of shares before you can get the gold though. If the Facebook page reaches 30,000 fans, all of the players online will get a bonus of 200 Gold.

This is a lot of celebrating going on for the new Snowbird Peak server and a lot of benefits for its fans.

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