Soul of Guardian Server Merger

 Soul of Guardian, one of the most popular role playing games of 2012, will be merging three of its servers (S1-S3) on August 8th. After the merger, all rankings will be reset, but Guild information (including members, Guild level, assets, and research level) as well as the top-up entrance will remain intact.

The server merger is to promote a more competitive and balanced environment where PvP is more exciting. There will be more players available for dungeons and events after the merger, making the game even livelier and those who think they are unbeatable may meet real rivals.

In celebration of the server merger, WSGame the Host of Soul of Guardian, is launching three special events which can be seen detailed below:

Be Active, Be Online!
Players will obtain rewards for being online. The longer you are logged in, the better rewards you will receive. The rewards include Flying Shoes, Legend Training Order, Flawless Magic Rune, Divine Magic Rune and level 60 Legend Equipment. How long can you stay online?

Top-up Bonus
Players will get rewards for topping up. The more you top up, the better rewards you will get. Divine Lucky Gift pack, Polished Attack Gem, Random level 4 skill tome, Divine Magic Rune and level 60 Legend Weapon are among the fabulous rewards you can receive. Top-up and reap your rewards, see what other gifts await you.

Arena Masters
Players will receive Gold for ranking top in the Arena. Those ranking first, second and third place will be awarded 1500, 1000, and 800 Gold respectively, while those ranking 4-10 and 11-20 will receive 600 and 400 Gold, respectively. Prepare for battle and fight your way to number 1! Good luck!

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