Spirit Tales – Clan Island Updates

Spirit Tales, the world?s most customizable game, has released its latest ?Clan Island? update, just in time for summer. The Clan Island is a special location where each clan can hang out, take videos of them without being disturbed, stash various items, go fishing, and even relax in a hot spring.


Clan Warehouse:

After opening the Clan Island, clans will instantly have their own Clan Warehouse. The Clan Warehouse allows players to store and share non-bound items with each other, so they can pool their resources. Additionally, to prevent theft, each Clan Chief will be able to decide who gets access to the warehouse.

Hot Springs:

When a clan reaches Lv. 4, their hot spring will open. The hot spring, gives all players sitting in for 5 or 10 minutes a special buff. Players can choose which buff they want by selecting a special hot spring powder. This is ideal for clans who plan to go take down a boss together. Also, while relaxing in the hot spring, you can enjoy the view of your new statues. 


Each Clan Island has four statue slots. The Clan Chief can make a statue of any player he or she chooses, allowing them to customize the look andfeel of their island.


Finally, in additional to chillin? in the springs and checking out their statues, players can go fishing! While fishing, they have a chance to catch quest items and special costumes.

This update even furthers Spirit Tales? position as one of the most customizable games to date. In addition to 40 million costume combinations, hundreds of pets, and 18 specialized classes, players can now customize a special map, making a place of their own.

Further Details about the Clan Island can be found on the Spirit Tales forum, additionally; you can sign up and download the game at its official website, ST.KoramGame.com.

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