Spirit Tales – New Expansion Spirit Hare

KoramGame just announced a brand new expansion for their ‘cute’ MMORPG Spirit Tales. The expansion will debut tomorrow, December 12th, and is called Spirit Hare.  Now what is a Spirit Hare?  Well they are a peace loving tribe that are found on the southern mainland, thy are very gentle and monastic in nature and have really laidd low until now.

The Spirit Hares have long been assaulted by the threat of war against their people.  And they are not going to take it anymore.  They have teamed up with the Glorious Shield in order to fight against the Northern Allegiance to protect their homes and their families.

The new expansion will have you choosing from the new Spirit Hare Warrior, who is quite proficient in hand to hand combat and hunting, or the Spirit Hare Wizard which controls magical elements that have deadly consequences.

For more information about the updates, check out the Spirit Tales forum.

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