Top Free MMO Games to Play Over the Holidays

The Holiday’s are coming up. And whether you are on break from school or taking time off from work or just taking time to visit friends and relatives, you will probably have some free time in which to game. I mean, let’s be serious, we always find some sort of free time to get in some MMO and MMORPG Games.

This list is in no particular order. In fact I specifically did that so you can try a few out and not have to worry about where I ‘ranked’ it. All these MMO games are free to play and will give you hours and hours of enjoyment. Take it from me!

Have a Happy Holidays and we’ll see you in 2013!

[heading]10. Ghost Recon Online[/heading]

It’s the holidays, so what a better way to blow off some steam than to shoot people.

[play-now=]Play Ghost Recon Online Now[/play-now]

[heading]9. Battlefield Heroes[/heading]

Another shooting game. I know, maybe i’m biased towards shooters. But come on, when your grandma and grandpa are really bugging you about getting a girlfriend, you just wanna shoot something.

[play-now=]Play Battlefield Heroes Now[/play-now]

[heading]8. PlanetSide 2[/heading]

See my comments above about grandma’s and grandpa’s and shooting things.

[play-now=]Play PlanetSide 2 Now[/play-now]

[heading]7. MapleStory[/heading]

MapleStory is an awesome MMORPG that coincidentally enough probably has a lot of holiday themes going throughout the game as we speak. I made a picture with hats, but they probably do it in game anyhow.

[play-now=]Play MapleStory Now[/play-now]

[heading]6. Totem[/heading]

Don’t let the ugly green monster with the super cool santa hat fool you. Well, too late actually, he’s fooled me. But in all seriousness this is an awesome game. Sure to make that time between turkey and dessert.

[play-now=]Play Totem Now[/play-now]

[heading]5. The Lost Titans[/heading]

The Lost Titans is a brand new ARPG that has gotten tons of praise in the past month. This is definitely one you should try, in fact, you might spend all of December playing it.

[play-now=]Play The Lost Titans Now[/play-now]

[heading]4. Drakensang[/heading]

Not enough can be said about Drakensang. The game is better than Diablo III and it’s free. Start playing this free MMORPG today and i’ll see you in 2013.

[play-now=]Play Drakensang Now[/play-now]

[heading]3. Wartune[/heading]

Wartune is a fantasy styled MMORPG that is actually rather good. Lots of role playing elements and a really cool strategic game style that will surely have you hooked.

[play-now=]Play Wartune Now[/play-now]

[heading]2. World of Tanks[/heading]

If this list was in a 1-10 order then World of Tanks would be #1. As it is, it’s #2, don’t ask me why I didn’t just make it #1. World of Tanks is team-based browser MMO with tons of tank fighting action. And there’s a huge amount of tanks to play, you’ll never be able to play all of them. I dare you!

[play-now=]Play World of Tanks Now[/play-now]

[heading]1. Elsword[/heading]

Pop in this browser based RPG and get addicted to the awesome fighting action. It’s hard to believe this game is played right in your browser because all the time you’ll spend on it. These types of games are usually meant to download right? RIGHT!?

[play-now=]Play Elsword Now[/play-now]

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