Spirit Tales – New Level Caps & Instances

This week, the Spirit Tales is receiving a comprehensive expansion. As of Tuesday, October 9th, the level cap increases from Lvl. 55 to Lvl. 60. Not only this, but there will also be two new instances and two new wild maps available for players above Lvl. 55! This update brings more options and even more fun to the Spirit Tale players.

Legend has it that Red Lotus City is the place where the Northern Alliance once summoned the devastatingly destructive Raging Beast after they attacked Flame Kingdom. Though the Maned Dragon warriors managed to seal the beast, they failed to resist the Northern Alliance?s attack. To this day the fiery village is in a precarious position surrounded by lava, monsters and the Northern Alliance!

A new instance in Sin Fire City is also available this week! Sin Fire City was once a prosperous place, but was brought to its knees by the powerful volcano. Now a mysterious Man in Black has broken into the ruins with an unknown purpose. Although nobody knows why the man is here or what the Man in Black has to do with Northern Alliance, it?s necessary to find him!

The exciting new instance for the Flame Demon Cave is also released this week. The Flame Demon Cave was once the capital of Maned Dragon, now since the plague of pestilence, nobody dares to go near it and it has become the major garrison for the Northern Alliance. Will peace be restored if the Man in Black is defeated?

This update has furthered Spirit Tales position as one of the most customizable games on the internet. With 40 million costume combinations, hundreds of pets, and 18 different class options, players can create a character which looks how they want and plays how they want.

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