Spirit Tales? The Summer of Love Begins!

Though summer is drawing to a close, and everyone is saying goodbye to their friends, relatives, and that special someone, the fun is only just beginning in Spirit Tales!

On August 29th Spirit Tales will be kicking off the ?Summer of Love?. Each year, everyone?s favorite couple, Brad and Angie, get to spend two weeks with each other, until Angie goes back to school, and Brad goes back to tend his fields. Unfortunately, things are not going smoothly for them, as they run into everything from transportation strikes, to jealous ex-girlfriends who feels she is out like a 1990?s sitcom star, and need you to set things right!

While Brad and Angie certainly need your help, your efforts will not go unrewarded! Upon completing each of the 5 days quests, you will be guaranteed to receive special buffs, and have a chance at getting limited edition costumes, pets, and transformation potions, as well as gems to upgrade your gear and weapons!

When asked about the event, Amanda Stryker, a GM for the game said ?This is our latest attempt to provide our players with unique content, as well as chance to win special prizes and the like. The fact that we have made these quests available daily means players will have many chances to win some of the events special prizes.? She later added ?I was talking to my friend about this boy I used to meet every year at summer camp when I was a kid, and then we got this idea, how about we make an event based around the whole idea of summer time love? With summer coming to a close and everyone going back to school, it seemed like a great opportunity. We hope to do more things like this in the future.?

Will you be the one who ends the transportation strike, defeats the 3 single guys, allowing Angie and Brad a summer they will never forget? There is only one way to find out, play Spirit Tales from August 29th to September 12th, and see if you are worthy of the title, Summer Angel, the true guardian of love!

While Spirit Tales has been know for offering it?s players unique costume choices, with over 40 million possible costume combinations, this latest event shows the teams commitment to providing players with additional unique game content they cannot find anywhere else. In addition to this special content, the game offers various PVP modes, a rich guild system, and copious craft-able weapons.

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