Square Enix Inks Deal To Use Unreal Engine 4

Epic Games has officially announced a huge partnership with Square Enix. The company known most famously for producing the Final Fantasy series made a huge leap yesterday by becoming the first publicly known third party to use Epic?s next generation technology – Unreal Engine 4. This is a huge accomplishment for the company who plans to use the technology to supplement their upcoming Luminous Studio engine.

Square Enix says the engine will be capable of depicting ?high quality real time computer graphics as pre-rendered computer graphics.? The Luminous Studio engine will support game consoles, computers, web applications and even the ever popular smartphone. Fans got a taste of what to expect when they saw the engine used during the company?s presentation of their Final Fantasy demo in June. If you didn?t get a chance to see the trailer yet, you check it out here.


The video features the character Agni, a sorceress living in a futuristic world of advanced science and magic. Agni?s philosophy is said to represent the level of visual quality that Square Enix hopes to achieve with the new technology. Based on the level of visual achievement already seen in the upcoming Epic release Fortnite, one can?t help but be antsy to see what a company like Square Enix will do with the same tech improvements.

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