Star Wars Galaxies Final Day Detailed

Cue the dramatic, unified, act-breaking ?nooooo!? for December 15. This day marks the official shutting down of the Star Wars Galaxies servers. The Galactic Civil War will award a final victory on December 14 at 9 p.m. EST and players can finish up their play and participate in optional skirmish battles on the 15th. It?s a sad day for the passionate players that have stuck with the game through its myriad problems, but unfortunately, there?s just not room for two Star Wars-themed MMOs on the market.

With The Old Republic launching on Dec 19, it?s really all Galaxies can do to go out with a bang. At least they?re offering players a way to celebrate the game?s final hours, rather than randomly pulling the plug some dark winter night.

Even though the game is over, you can still log on to the site to share your memories and discuss if Star Wars Galaxies stands among the best online MMORPGs. Sure, it was rough around the edges, but?.Star Wars! And, of course, you could always play SWTOR ? it?s basically the same game, just much, much bigger and better.

Do you have any plans for the last night of Galaxies?

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