Star 86 is the world’s first musical-space exploration online world.  The game revolves around the players in it, and is a massively multiplayer Virtual World game.  The game is a kid-friendly game where players (Dubbles) would travel throughout the galaxy and engage in many quests and activities, including creating and composing your own original songs.  Players begin by creating their own personal starship which can be customized in thousands of different ways.

Unfortunately, Star86 closed its doors as of July 31st 2014 due to the low player base and the amount of money it cost the developers to run this online virtual world.  Some impressive stats during Star86’s time on this planet were over 650,000 registered players from over 120 countries.  Over 350,000 spaceships were created, with you (Dubbles) composing over 400,000 original songs!

Share your memories of Star86 in the comment section, maybe we can help bring the game back!

7 thoughts on “Star86”

  1. i love star86 love it soo much and after the shutdown i cried my eyeballs out im serious star86 needs to get going again SOMEBODY PLEASE OWN IT!!!! i would defenitly appreciate it -bunnyhunny246 ps: if you do this needs to have alot of players+money to keep it going forever in my heart

  2. Ugh…the game faded away at the final day of July in 2014! People could have just kept playing it!
    I do hope a reboot happens, with more worlds, and all that.
    But is that ever possible?

  3. Everyone here, it’s possible to make Refreshed version of it, Anyone would do that, But We dont have Textures, Also an Server… But yeah, It’s possible. They made that? We can do the same!

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