DCUO Splits Future Expansions To Monthly DLC | SOE Live 2014

In an exciting move, DC Universe Online (DCUO), the DC universe superhero MMO, is shifting from larger expansion-based content to a more frequent DLC model. Rather than releasing new Legends, story content, and power sets in a single quarterly expansion, gamers can now look forward to individual monthly releases.

Announced during the DCUO keynote at SOE Live 2014, the developers stated that the reason for splitting the content up is two-fold. First, it allows the players to get new content more frequently. Rather than getting one massive chunk by means of expansion, players will receive smaller bits of the the overall package. This will encourage gamers to come back to DCUO more frequently and will hopefully lead to a more thorough exploration of new content, something that tends to be skimped on while binge-playing large portions.

Secondly, smaller DLC releases allow the developers to give more time and attention to specific parts of content without holding up the release of everything else. Hypothetically, should new story content need more time and polish, it can be pushed back to a later date, opting to move up new power sets or Legends instead. It’s a win-win, giving the devs more time for fixes while still giving gamers something new to sink their teeth into.

Members of SOE’s All Access Pass will notice almost no change besides the frequency with which they’re getting new content — there will be no pricing adjustment. For anyone else, information on cost of each portion has not been finalized. It will be interesting to see whether they weigh the price of each individual release based on the amount of content included, if it will be a standard price across the board or if you will still pay one cost upfront and receive the content as it comes out.

Downloadable content has been an industry trend on the rise for a number of years now. Many companies have begun releasing DLC as a means of user retention and as additional revenue. In some ways, DLC benefits the consumer by allowing them to pick and choose only the content they’d like to buy rather than being forced to purchase an entire package deal. Given the fast-paced nature of the current game market and the decreasing attention span of individual gamers, switching to the frequent DLC model would seem a smart move.

What do you think of the change to DCUO’s future expansions? Do you like the idea of smaller bits of content more frequently or do you prefer to binge it all at once? Let us know below.

DC Universe Online Splitting DLC, Game Update 41, New Legends! | SOE Live 2014

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