Starfall Prophecy Open Beta Now Available In Rift

Trion Worlds will soon be launching the highly anticipated Starfall Prophecy expansion for leading MMORPG Rift but today the team announced that players have the opportunity to dive into the expansion ahead of release as the Open Beta is now available. Starfall Prophecy will be the first ever premium priced DLC for Rift so a smooth launch is vital, offering players the chance to provide feedback during the Open Beta period will go a long way to ensuring the release is smooth and accessible.

Explore the Wonders of Starfall Prophecy

Starfall Prophecy will launch on November 16th and will introduce several, massive new zones, 2 new dungeons and an increase in the level cap alongside a long list of fixes and technical adjustments to improve the overall experience.

RIFT: Starfall Prophecy Teaser US

The Open Beta includes all of the content planned to release with the expansion on November 16th, providing a fantastic opportunity for players yet to purchase the game to dive in and test the content themselves before making a purchase.

[quote cite=”Chris Junior, RIFT Game Director at Trion “]“This is a great opportunity for players to jump into any or all of five massive new regions that are completely uncharted — and at the same time help shape the expansion in the final stages of development. This expansion is a direct response to player demand, and we’re excited to see how players explore and experience all the new content.” [/quote]

Source: Press Release

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