Starlight Story – Browser Game Launches Today

Following a very successful closed and open beta, Aeria games is proud to release their very first browser based MMORPG!  Starlight Story offers players an exciting opportunity to go on a valiant quest to save their dying world from destruction.  Along the way players will crawl dungeons and defeat bosses while acquiring a large collection of pets and transforming into a powerful new form through the Superstar transformation system.

?Aeria Games is proud to release its very first browser-based MMORPG,? said Tom Nichols, Director of Publishing, Aeria Games. ?With our experience launching successful client MMORPGs, we think Starlight Story breaks new ground and is a perfect addition to our catalog of games.?

There will be several special in-game events during the launch weekend which will award many players with prestigious items for completing them.  Starlight Story is free to play, like all Aeria Games titles and does not require a download as it’s played right in your browser.  Visit our Starlight Story page and at their main website for more information.

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