State Of Decay MMO – Xbox One Wins Launch Battle VS PS4

Zombie MMO fans rejoiced at the beginning of the year as Undead Labs announced that Patrick Wyatt, Co-Founder of ArenaNet and En Masse Entertainment, would be joining the team to work on an unannounced project. Things have been a little quiet since then but in a new post made earlier today, Patrick Wyatt offers readers the chance to “read between the lines”, which has led many to speculate that a spiritual successor to State of Decay could well be an MMO.

The information comes from an un-sourced post on KDramastars, so should be taken with a pinch of salt until information is officially verified.

“The studio is contractually obligated not to talk about (State of Decay MMO) … anything interesting right now. So
you’ll just have to read between the lines instead.

“I can’t talk anything about what I’m working on here at Undead Labs … yet. … But … I specialize in developing really big multiplayer games. So I guess maybe I’ll be working on something like that, at least as soon as I get one of the cool lab coats everyone around here has.”

Earlier this year Undead Labs signed a multi-year agreement with Microsoft Studios that was said to cover several titles on the Xbox One. According to a post made on KDramastars a source discovered hidden gamecodes within the State of Decay Lifeline DLC that had many references to a “State of Decay MMO”, which was not in the original game. The same source also reports that a release date could be as early as October 2015. Considering the agreement signed with Microsoft it’s very likely that PlayStation 4 fans could be missing out on a big hitter next year following the huge amount of requests for multiplayer support in State of Decay.

Source: KDramastars

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