Steam Through The Undead With The Dead Linger

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

It has been a long wait for fans of the zombie genre but Sandswept Studios have finally revealed the official release date for The Dead Linger on the Steam Early access program. Players will have the opportunity to explore the procedurally generated game world and survive the endless waves of the undead beginning September 27th. Players that have already purchased the game will be emailed with a new Steam key without any additional purchase necessary.

The Steam release with coincide with the highly anticipated Update 10 which includes an impressive variety of new features including the addition of a brand new engine, Unity 3D. The Dead Linger will still enjoy the promised low price for the remainder of alpha at $19.99, ?14.99 and ?18.99; a four pack will also be available shortly after the Early Access launch.

For more information, including plans for the implementation of Steam Workshop and Achievements, you can read the official dev post here.

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