Stormfall is a take on the classic city-building, city-management game. Unfortunately it doesn’t break away enough from the pack to make it a standout game that would usher in a huge player-base. But the game is by all means, a decent play. So let’s get into it. Stormfall: Age of War pits you into the middle of a race for land between several warlords after a kingdom has fallen. As a player in the game you must restore the peace and build up your army to keep it that way.

As with many games in the genre, you start out with a small kingdom and have to build up your castle, army and resources in order to get more and more powerful. One thing that Stormfall does that many other MMORTS games doesn’t, is engross you in a story about how the world came to be this way, and how you can help it return. The game does have voice-overs for many quests, which can be sort of hit-or-miss. In the end you’ll end up doing a lot of sitting and waiting while you build up your army to prepare for your enemies and/or to attack them.

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