Strife Closed Beta Introduces Harrower To The Battlefield

S2 Games today released the latest closed beta update for their next-generation free-to-play MOBA game, Strife. Patch 0.2.42 introduces an exciting list of changes to the growing world of Strife including the debut of a brand new Hero alongside improved matchmaking and changes to the dynamics of laning.

Although not the most exciting element of the update, the improved matchmaking promises a smoother experience for all participants of the closed beta program. The new matchmaking system now incorporates an individual players skill with each specific Hero, as opposed to the traditional approach that saw all stats combined into a single matchmaking element.

The bulk of the update sees the debut of a brand new Hero, Harrower. Hailed as a versatile attack damage dealer with a number of hidden tricks up his sleeve, Harrower has the ability to freely transform between ranged and melee attack forms – a mechanic seen in many of today’s top MOBA games. More information on Harrower’s abilities and stats can be found on his personal Hero page.

Various dynamics surrounding the laning phase have also been treated to a bit of a tweak. Improvements to mana and health regeneration rates outside of combat are complimented by a change to AI mechanics that will see Brawlers disengage Heroes after shorter periods of combat – if other minions are in close proximity.

For more information on Strife’s latest patch, check the link below.

Source: Official Website

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