Stronghold Kingdoms – New Update and New Tutorial Videos

Firefly Studios has given the medieval online castle game, Stronghold Kingdoms, a new update. There has been 7 new strategy cards that have been added to the game. Along with the cards, there has been three new tutorial videos that are set to release within the next few weeks as well. 

The Patch,, was released this morning for the Castle MMO and the cards are as follows: 

? Advanced Night Working ? Twice as powerful as the current Night Working card, this will instantly complete 2 buildings under construction.
? Siege Engineers ? A new card type, Siege Engineers will generate a small increase in catapult output.
? Instant Iron Mine ? Playing this card will allow you to instantly place an Iron Mine for free.
? Advanced Metal Crafts ? A more effective version of Metal Crafts, this card causes a medium increase in metalware delivered to the keep.
? Retired Farmer ? This card causes a medium, long boost to all food production.
? Advanced Recruitment ? Troops cost even less gold to recruit with Advanced Recruitment.
? Salt Working ? This new card causes a small increase in salt delivered to the keep.

The Stronghold Kingdoms Tutorial videos, beginning on Monday November 12th, will start off with their first tutorial video, “What is Stronghold Kingdoms?”. The videos have been popular with the fans of the series and new players as well. They provide a helping hand with the game, when needed, to introduce certain features of the game that players may not be so clear on. 

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