Stronghold Kingdoms releases new launch trailer

With Stronghold Kingdoms being officially out of beta, Firefly Studios wanted to mark the occasion by releasing a new Launch trailer for the game. 
There was a new patch, Patch 2.0, which was released this morning which updated the Castle MMO with the two requested features of new sound effects and a new village Overview screen. The sound effects have been introduced during the battles and for daily activities which adds a new layer of engagement to the game for all of its players. The new village Overview screen has been activated for those players with an active Premium Token. The screen shows an overview of the villages, Troops and Units that a player has. 
Because of the game no longer being in beta mode, it doesn?t change the status of it being free-to-play. Players are still able to play the game for free and there are no changes as a result of it officially being launched. Players will still be able to download and play Kingdoms for free at
View the Launch trailer below:

Stronghold Kingdoms - Launch Trailer

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