Stronghold Kingdoms – Set To Launch 13th Game World

The creators of the Stronghold series and popular free to play Castle MMORPG Stronghold Kingdoms are announcing a few notable things today.  First off, they have finally set a launch date for their thirteenth game world, but most importantly, Firefly Studios is announcing their 1,500,000th user!  Yes, one and a half million registered users have played their games, quite an accomplishment for an independent PC game developer.

Let’s get down to the details though.  Since Stronghold Kingdoms launched on Steam last year, the player base has swelled from 500,000 to 1,500,00 which means they need a place to put all these users.  There have been a number of new game world’s and this one is just the latest in a long line which will help keep up with the demand in Stronghold Kingdoms.  This will be the 7th English-language world to be launched, and it is to be known as ‘World 7’.  I know, very catchy.  The new world will be launched on January 23rd at 11:00am GMT.

Firefly Studios has gone through quite a change in the past year, with many additional developments to their game like a new quest system, prize giving quest wheel, vacation mode, weather, sound effects and more.  The studio is hoping that World 7 is the first of many new worlds in 2013.

For more information about Firefly Studios and Stronghold Kingdoms check out their websites.
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