Swordsman Character Classes Guide

Swordsman is an action MMORPG from Perfect World Entertainment that’s main focus is on its dynamic combat.  The game plunges you deep into battle for martial arts supremacy and is based on the famous and rich world of Louis Cha.  With a huge focus on combat, the character classes become much more important, as they signify which type of fighting you will be doing in the game.  This is a short guide to tell you a little bit about each of the 10 character classes and help you figure out which ones you should pick, based on your favorite fighting style.

[heading]Swordsman Online Character Classes[/heading]

[heading]House Tong[/heading]

House Tong’s firearm features fast attack speed and many of the House’s skills can deal damage to multiple targets.  When enemies get too close, you can use throwing weapons to strike the enemy and keep them away.  Players of House Tong can also use traps to control and stun enemies, so they are a great option for those who like to use some sort of crowd control.  The Firebolt is also a great skill to knock back enemies, which can help you to escape, or by more time to regen a bit and get back into battle.

[heading]Five Venoms School[/heading]

Unlike the Shaolin School, the Five Venoms School is only available for female characters and is a branch of the Sun and Moon school that has evolved from blades on chains to poisonous whips.  This classes utilizes the poison that they have found on snakes, scorpions and spiders to control targets and inflict damage from afar.  Five Venom members use their whip for longer range attacks at a safe distance, which can be valuable in both PvP and in team combat.  These whips can also be employed for powerful AoE and melee attacks, which ensure that no one is safe when a Five Venoms class is around.  This class can also summon poisonous creatures to fight for them, which can be a major help in battle.

[heading]Sun and Moon[/heading]

The Sun and Moon use an array of dual blade skills that can attack nearbye targets and deal a high damage to single target enemies in an area.  Your best way of attacking is to combine the dual blades in chains which can increase both the damage and may cause an AoE effect as well.  The Sun and Moon skills also include throwing techniques, such as grabbing targets and pile driving them into the ground which can damage both the target and an area around them.  These assassins are great at immobilizing targets and can also inflict an effect called Acupunture.


Wu-Tang disciples have a large array of power up abilities which can help them stay in the center of many a battle.  This class wields heavy swords with strong internal force, which allows them to control enemies in a large area.  Many of their skills can generate an attractive force, which will pull enemies towards you.  Wu-Tang’s heavy swords can defend, attack and sweep away obstacles, like traps.

[heading]Shaolin School[/heading]

Originating from the Shaolin Temple and only available to male characters, Shaolin skills are extensive in both offensive and defensive attacks.  Their fighting style is based off their staff, which can split into three parts.  This staff allows them to deal great sustained damage and endure in long team fights.  The Shaolin use melee skills almost exclusively and have a few unique moves which can help them close the distance between opponents and also helps them chase down targets.  A master of the Shaolin School is both unpredictable and unstoppable, a great choice for those who wish to master the game.

[heading]Harmony School[/heading]

Members of the Harmony School may be mistaken for simple bards, gently playing on their harps, but hidden within those instruments like small blades, which make them great at quick surprise attacks.  Much like Ninjas, the Harmony School class attacks fast, so fast that some may not even be able to see them when they are in the act of assassination.  In groups the Harmony Schools can leave shadowy silhouettes behind, which can both confuse their foes and cause them to miss attacks, or even attack thin air.  This class provides control support, which make them fearsome under unassuming facades.

[heading]Zephyr School[/heading]

Members of the Zephyr School are sinpired by Taoism to help tap into their chi and perform miraculous control abilities using their iron fan.  This class is full of masters of evasion, members can use the air around them to slip in and out of combat.  Their main weapon, their iron fan, can be used to launch ranged attacks as well as some up-close melee attacks.  Zephyr School can use slowing and freezing capabilities that come from their icy skills, which gives them plenty of ways to get in and out of fights.  Another added benefit of this school is their ability to do some healing, which helps in PvP as well as dungeons.

[heading]Splendor School[/heading]

Equipped with a lithe blade, members of the Splendor School can perform massive amounts of damage in a short period of time.  This is a great class for those that are looking to act as an assassin.  Splendor School members can switch between different stances, the up-close Sword Sect style and the distance-based Chi Sect style, which means they are very well equipped for damage to all sorts of enemies.  Swordsman is a game that celebrates agility, so this class fits right in with that by having the ability to dodge and avoid attacks like a pro, and striking with deadly accuracy.

[heading]Infinity School[/heading]

Founded by nuns and based upon the teachings in Buddhism, members of the Infinity School are a more patient class, and wait for their enemies to attack before they counter with huge amounts of damage.  This classes uses dual-blades and has a very high endurance which makes them great as both a tank, and as a source of high level DPS.  Infinity School is exceptionally well suited for PvP as they use the enemies attacks as a great way to unleash combos and counter attacks.  This school is known for being masters of attrition, allowing their targets to make the first strike, before attacking with a furious revenge.

[heading]E’Mei Tong[/heading]

A balance between the Shaolin and Wu-Tang schools, the E’Mei Ton focuses on both internal and external training.  This class utilizes a cane for their attacks and offers key support in group play.  When attacking, they use their Hand-claw and palm, but that is not their strong suit, as they are best at controlling the enemies and not on dealing damage.  This class has amazing healing and support abilities, and it is very difficult to take them down.  This class may be the most challenging to play, but are very valuable in battle and can last a long time.  The E-Mei Ton have a

rapidly replenishing health bar, which keeps them in the battle and makes them the perfect companion to any serious dungeon play.

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