SWTOR Beta Testers Log One Million Hours of Play Time

Last weekend saw a massive Beta event for Star Wars The Old Republic.  BioWare Co-Founder Dr. Greg Zeschuk said to Eurogamer, ?One crazy number is we had over a million hours of testing over the weekend. It was a huge test, and there are even bigger ones coming. The key thing is for us to take those learnings, apply them and make the service really stable. We’re happy with the game.?

BioWare wants to ensure the smoothest launch possible for the game on December 20th, so straining the servers now will show what limits they have and what they need to do to improve that to prevent a launch day crash.  Dr. Zeschuk stated “Everyone’s cautiously optimistic. We’re all very paranoid.?  Again, The Old Republic hits digital and brick-and-mortar shelves on December 20th.

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