Tactical Intervention

[stat=Developer]FIX Korea[/stat]
[stat=Free to Play]Yes[/stat]
[stat=Download Size]NA[/stat]
[/review]Tactical Intervention is a strategic free to play first person shooter developed by Minh Le one of the original creators of the popular Source mod Counter-Strike. Similar to his original counter, in Tactical Intervention players are give different strategic objections during each game. You could be tasked with holding NPCs hostage and/or rescue said NPCs depending on which team you are on.

There are many different game modes in Tactical Intervention including the typical team deathmatch and bomb planting modes. You may also play unique PvP missions in which players will help save the aforementioned hostages or escort a VIP through a high speed chase while players are pilled into cars and shooting out windows on the way to the extraction zone. This is by far the most intriguing game mode and has amazed players since being introduced.

Tactical Intervention is a great free to play alternative to Counter-Strike and some may say even outshines its popular cousin in many areas. With the additions of custom loadouts, purchasable cosmetic gear, special attack dogs and more, tactical Intervention is a must play for any first person shooter fan.

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