Arctic Combat 2nd Closed Beta

[keys id=129156]The 2nd closed beta test for the modern military FPS game ?ARCTIC COMBAT? will start soon. For this closed beta new contents will be added including 2 new maps (Downtown and Vintage), clan system, and weapon customization.

Also players will be able to participate in the NA/EU Qualification Tournament to earn a chance to advance to the Veterans League World Championship held in South Korea.
October 10th, 18:00, 2012 (PDT) ~ October 22nd, 01:00, 2012 (PDT)
October 11st, 02:00, 2012 (GMT) ~ October 22nd, 09:00, 2012 (GMT)

Closed Beta Test Beta Key Benefits

1) Beta Key activated accounts will be able to enjoy the game throughout the closed beta.

2) Beta Key activated accounts can participate in the NA and EU Qualification Tournaments to win the chance to advance to the World Championship.

How to Redeem Your Beta Key

1. Visit Beta Key Promotion page.

2. Login in to, redeem your Beta Key on the Beta Key Promotion page and enter your beta key number, then click ?Enlist?.
** If you are new to, please create a new account.

3. Wait until your input beta key is verified, then go to the AC Main Page.

4. Click ?Game Start? and enter the battlegrounds of ARCTIC COMBAT!