Ragnarok Online 2, Call of Roma, Pockie Pirates and more! – The Weekly Loot Ep. 59

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This week’s MMORPG News:

New Race Arrives In Ragnarok Online 2 | [timer]36[/timer]
Call of Roma Launches Second Server | [timer]61[/timer]
Pockie Pirates Celebrates 1 year Anniversary | [timer]80[/timer]

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Call of Roma

Call of Roma

Call of Roma is free to play real time strategy game which allows players to build an empire, organize troops and fight enemies. The game is developed by Heroic Era, a China-based gaming company associated with Evony, Maegica and Senatry. Basically, the game qualifies a great browser game in terms of gameplay, storyline, background, and strategy.

Call of Roma is one of the most successful browser games in North America and the rest of the world since there are a number of publihsers to help co-publish this game. In Call of Roma, not only can you build your buildings and settlements, but you can also perform numerous quests located throughout the game. And of course after you complete your quests you are rewarded with upgrades your houses, level-ups and other necessary items. Another great feature of this game is that you don?t have to focus all your attention on it, that is, you can take a rest in the middle of your game and come back later. The end goal of the game is to keep your city safe conquer other players.

These are a number of different and individual units available, so you can can specialize your skills on attack or defense. Once your infrastructure and city of hall are built, you can go to produce resources and even trade with other players. The raw materials are required for the development of the empire and recruiting for the troops. An important element of the game is that you can conquer other villages and empires. If you successfully take control of other empires, you may enjoy the production boost and get more resources.