Final Eden – Defunct

Final Eden

“The world ended on December 21, 2012 in a cataclysmic event that left very few survivors. The few who survived have only recently started to rebuild on the backbone of past civilization and organized into tribes, but live in a world of anarchy. As a tribal chief, you must rebuild, defend your base from rival gangs, and assemble an army to battle for precious resources.”

What a great intro description to the game Final Eden, really makes me want to put down whatever i’m doing and give it a play!  Final Eden is a browser based real time strategy / city manager game where you must defend a small group of survivors from looters slavers and cannibals in the year 2040.

Final Eden is similar to other titles by Kabam.  Start out with a small town, build structures and armies and technologies, upgrade, advance, repeat.  The combat is automated, but you do have to strategically place your buildings and your troops, making it a little more realistic.  The game features PVP and PVE, Clans and real-time chat. The graphics are great and the gameplay is fluid and Fast.

Game Highlights

  • Build a powerful base on ruins of the old world
  • Defend it against bandit gangs with defensive turrets that vary in range and weaponry
  • Attack your enemies with an army of off-road vehicles including assault bikes and heavy armour vehicles
  • Deploy units skillfully to maximize destruction
  • Join an alliance for mutual protection