FreeSky Online 2

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[/review]Freesky Online 2 is a fantastic free Browser-Based strategy online game that is based on battles in the sky between fierce and powerful airships. Freesky Online 2 is very similar to many other empire building games, but what sets it apart are its advanced graphical interface and unique graphics. The game has an emphasis on Airships, which of course lends itself to some interesting above ground battles against your opponents.

At the start, players choose between one of the warring nations and are taken to your small starting city. Beginning the resource harvesting right from the start is a great way to get ahead in the game. There is a short tutorial to get you acquainted with some of the aspects of the game, and I do recommend taking advantage of that tutorial. Once you’ve got the hang of your base you will begin to complete quest-lines and building up of your base and troops.

FreeSky Online 2 is definitely a time consuming affair, as you’ll want to continuously check on your small town to make sure that everything is up and running. Completing quests are the best way to build up your city and to gather important resources on your way to glory.