Terrayn on Kickstarter, Wurm Online, Holy Blade Online and more! | The Daily XP February 18th

What’s up Attackers, Today is Tuesday February 18th and
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On today’s show we have a new sandbox MMO on Kickstarter, a bounty hunt
with huge payoff and a new Open Beta to check out. Your daily XP starts now!

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Today on the Daily XP:
Terrayn Debuts on Kickstarter, Sandbox MMORPG Game | [timer37][/timer]
Wurm Online Gets DDOS Attacked, Offers Reward For Info | [timer]90[/timer]
Holy Blade Online Jumps Into Open Beta | [timer]114[/timer]

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A new sandbox MMO has appeared on
Kickstarter under the name Terrayn, spelled T E R R A Y N.  Now, sandbox might be restricting the game
too much, a desert might be a more fitting term, as the developer has laid out
quite the ambitious effort for their game. 
Aside from the traditional sandbox features such as in-depth crafting
and detailed character progressions, Terrayn boasts two new features that
really stood out to me.  First is the
API, or Application Programming Interface, which allows players to program and
develop the game from within the world itself. 
What does that mean?  Oh you know,
you can add interactive elements, shift buildings around and build just about
anything, you know, pretty standard stuff. 
Secondly is the infrastructure supporting the game.  One realm, one server and cloud
technology.  It’s hard to give you all
the scope of Terrayn in a short news article here, so check out their
Kickstarter, and pledge your support.

Since the last story was so long, let
me make this one quick.  Today was meant
to be a day of celebration for Wurm Online, following the latest patch, update
1.2.  Unfortunately the celebrations were
short-lived, following a DDOS attack that has taken the game down, and as of
this filming, is still down.  They have
put out a 10,000 euro reward for tips and/or evidence leading to a conviction.

Laslty, PopPace, a game platform for
many browser based MMOs has announced the beginning of the open beta period for
their first self-developed MMORPG, Holy Blade Online.  The open beta begins later today, and will
introduce a “cutting edge game engine” that delivers a variety of
“impressive features” including a “fashion system” and
“extensive pet options” and a huge variety of “challenging
dungeons”.  Much quote, so wow.  Anyways, to celebrate the release there are
many events meant to lure you into the game. 
Events include showering you with extensive gifts.

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