MU eX700 PLUS Cash-Item Giveaway Event

[keys id=129156]To celebrate MU:eX700 Plus Update, we have teamed up with to give out $200 worth of free items! Just grab a key and redeem the code! You will simply get those items through your INBOX once you enter the code!

Promotion Period
 October 10 ~ October 24, 2012

Item Giveaway Includes: $200 worth of cash items!

Rage Fighter Card, Summoner Card, Master Skill Initialization, Magic Backpack, Vault Expansion Certificate, Seal of Wealth [15 Days], Master Seal of Wealth [15 Days], Seal of Healing [ 15 Days], Panda Pet [15 Days], Skeleton Pet [15 Days], Demon Pet [15 Days], Scroll Package [15 Days], AG Boost Aura [15 Days], SD Boost Aura [15 Days], Small wing (Disaster, Fairy, Heaven, Satan) [15 Days], Worn Horseshoe [15 Days], Figurine of Antelope [15 Days], Golden Oak Charm [15 Days]

How to redeem your key:

1.Get item codes from promotion pages.

2.Visit Free Item Giveaway Promotion page.
3.Login in to the website and enter your Item Giveaway Codes, then click ?Confirm?.

** If you are new on, please create new account.

4. Then, free items will be successfully given!
Enter the game and press X button on keyboard to check your INBOX!


To receive those items, you have to be either a returning player or a new player.

*?Returning player? is a term for those who hadn?t played MU Online since 09.05. 2012.

*?New player? is a term for those who start MU Online from 9.26. 2012.