Battle for Graxia Gameplay – First Impressions HD

Battle for Graxia features the popular action-strategy team-based gameplay of traditional MOBA games, but adds a unique variety of characters, per character skill tree customization, enhanced socialization features, and more. In addition, Battle for Graxia features a social chat lobby, leaderboards, item shop, guild support, and more.
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Rise of Immortals

[stat=Publisher]Petroglyph Games[/stat]
[stat=Developer]Petroglyph Games[/stat]
[stat=Distribution]Online Download[/stat]
[stat=Free to Play]Yes[/stat]
[stat=Download Size]??[/stat]
Rise of Immortals (RoI) by Petroglyph Games is a 3D, top-down multiplayer battle arena game in which players chose an Immortal to utilize in battle against other characters. While sticking close in formula to other MOBA style games, RoI sets itself apart through a number of elements: the social structure and progression systems being the most notable.

After selecting an Immortal, players are dropped into a social hub world where they can chat, shop, show off their character and view leaderboards. Games are initiated through this hub world and players are returned to it upon completion of their game. This offers a friendly change of pace from the menus and chat rooms of other games for those looking to have a more personal experience with teammates and opponents.

The game also features persistent character progression. Instead of an account-based leveling system, as players gain experience, they are able to customize a persistent skill tree through which they can progress their character in the way they see fit. These unlocked unique abilities stay consistent from match to match.

While players are given the option to participate in PvP matches of up to five players per team, those less confident in their skill can build their character through the PvE system as well. This presents a great opportunity to try out new abilities or gain more experience before moving on to the more competitive world of PvP.

This game is no longer playable. It was closed to give way to Battle for Graxia.