New Map, Sentinel & Music System Heading To Shards Of War

The battlegrounds of the Shards of War have undergone huge change today as award-winning developers Bigpoint release the latest content update for the free-to-play science-fiction MOBA game. The highly anticipated list of updates introduce a number of new elements to the Shards of War experience, ranging from innovative acoustic changes to the debut of a … Read more

Bigpoint Reveals Details On Shards Of War’s Biggest Update To Date

Bigpoint today revealed details on the biggest update to day for the science-fiction based action MOBA Shards of War, introducing a variety of changes to the item system alongside the debut of custom items, observer mode for custom matches and a new Sentinel, Calibre. All current active and passive items will be removed from the … Read more

Shards of War

Shards of War

Shards of War is the world’s first science fiction-oriented MOBA game and available via a free-to-play client version. It combines Teamplay with an intelligent strategy, character mastery as well as classic top-down shooter controls (WASD) provide action-packed PvP battles in a unique setting.

In Shards of War, two teams of five compete against each other in 20-minute matches, fighting for PvP dominance on the game map. The increasing number of characters currently measures eleven unique Sentinels, each specialized in a certain field: tank, operative, assassin or medic.

The objective of the rival team is to destroy the enemy headquarters by conquering and defending three different paths (Lanes). Each team is given AI-controlled drones to help them in their mission, shipped out by the headquarters to provide assistance. Both teams also may seize neutral drones in the map’s central zone.

Experience points are given for taking down enemy drones, destroying defensive towers, completing missions as well as wiping out enemy players. These points enable individual players to unlock ability-increasing items and to determine which items will be used in a match from their stash of items (Loadout system).

By leveling up one’s own account, opportunities will be unlocked to players to hone their character and activate stronger items.