Bigpoint Reveals Details On Shards Of War’s Biggest Update To Date

Bigpoint today revealed details on the biggest update to day for the science-fiction based action MOBA Shards of War, introducing a variety of changes to the item system alongside the debut of custom items, observer mode for custom matches and a new Sentinel, Calibre.

All current active and passive items will be removed from the game in favor of a completely revamped crafting system alongside the addition of an all-new collection of “Custom Items” that include character-specific bonuses for each Sentinel.

Several adjustments have also been made to the current targeting system in use by the towers. The new priority target system will see towers prioritize enemy Sentinels that are damaging ally characters within the towers range.

Those keen to learn from the key players will welcome the arrival of Observer Mode for Shards of Wars. During custom game creation players will have the option to invite friends that can occupy observer slots and utilize various commands in-game to change perspectives and toggle the fog of war.

The next update will also see the introduction of the 17th Sentinel, Calibre. An assassination style character, Calibre uses her stealth-like abilities to cause devastating damage to enemies and specializing in mass destruction of multiple targets.

Source: Press Release

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