Uprising Empires

Uprising Empires

Uprising Empires is set in the years following 1280AD.  You are to take your rightful position as a young Warlord and begin to forge your destiny.  Your goal is to evolve your nation from barbarism to a full fledged civilization and lead it to a prosperous future.  Choose between four of the most powerful and influential empires in the Middle East; will you side with The Kingdom of Jerusalem, The Byzantine Empire, The Turks, or The Mongolian Empire? The fate of your empire is in your hands!

You are surrounded by enemies and you must successfully manage to develop and run your city.  You will create an army of fearless, loyal and strong individuals who are willing to die to protect their empire and yourself from the countless enemies that surround them.  Gain the upper hand on your foes and make them fear your name.

Show off your military might and assemble your armies for greatness with an array of weaponry specially designed offense and defense.  Archers, Calvary and Infantrymen are at your disposal as you experience the thrill of storming an enemy’s city and capturing their land. The tension that comes from defending your land from invaders hell bent on doing the same to you make this game one to be reckoned with.

Recruit legendary war heroes into your empire to lead your armies and give them bonus boosts.  Your hero has the ability to lead a corps of over 54,000 troops, making this a war experience like no other. By yourself you may be a powerful force but with the help of others you can take your territorial dominance to a global scale; unite with other players and form alliances making that aspiration of world domination a reality.

Battle against NPC’s or fulfill your megalomaniac desires of world domination by toppling the cities of others leaving a path of destruction in your wake. Your quest to become the number one Warlord known to man begins today.

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