World Of Tanks Blitz Welcomes German Scout Tanks

World Of Tanks Blitz

Wargaming today released a brand new update, Update 2.6, for the increasingly popular tank combat MMO on mobile, World of Tanks Blitz, as the team welcomes the addition of brand new German Light Tanks. The brand new vehicles are perfect for players looking to survey the battlefield from afar or for those that like chasing … Read more

World Of Tanks Blitz Welcomes New Vehicles And Additional Content

World Of Tanks Blitz News

Wargaming recently updated the mobile gaming client for World Of Tanks Blitz, introducing a vast array of new content to the game including brand new vehicles, new notifications and additional language options for players looking for localized languages. The USA, U.S.S.R, German and British Tech Tree’s all welcome a boost in their arsenal today as … Read more