Take To The Skies And Destroy With The New SMITE God Ne Zha

Hi-Rez Studios have released the latest god for their highly popular MOBA game, SMITE. Ne Zha has been a rumored addition to the game after fans of the game dug out some files after a patch, showing ability icons and basic descriptions for an undisclosed God. Now fully revealed and launched Ne Zha is available for all owners of the God Pack and as a purchase for those relying on Favor.

Despite appearing to be one of the most feminist God’s in the entire game Ne Zha is actually The Third Lotus Prince in Chinese mythology. His story is one of violence as he grew up in the midst of Ao Kuang’s fearful reign, demanding child sacrifices. Eventually Ne Zha slaughtered Ao Kuang’s son in combat and following the epic battle Ne Xha was blessed with more abilities to aid his ability on the battlefield.

Ne Xha is another God that has impressed me further regarding the capabilities of the engine used in Smite. He’s a melee character that relies on attack speed and critical hits but he has a devastating arsenal at his disposal. His first ability is a mid-range attack that slows any God’s it hits while reducing their physical defense and increasing Ne Xha’s speed. His second ability increases his attack speed and critical strike rating, a perfect ability to compliment Ne Xha’s other skills.

His third ability attaches him to and enemy God before hurtling Ne Xha into his opponent and dealing a moderate amount of AoE damage. Coupled with his attack speed buff, this can be a deadly skill. Finally his ultimate, personally one of my favorites in the game.

Ne Zha’s ultimate skill Wind Fire Wheels launches him a moderate distance towards an enemy God. If it connects; the God is thrown into the sky for 4 seconds. In that time Ne Xha can launch up to 3 attacks, each of which features an on-screen prompt. If players are able to time the attacks perfectly they can deliver a critical hit each time.

Ne Zha has already become a very viable pick for a variety of the game modes but only time will tell if he’s capable of fighting alongside the best God’s in SMITE.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDQWO2CwEvw

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