Take To The Skies With Update 1.2 For World Of Warplanes

Wargaming.net today announced an exciting list of contents for the impending 1.2 Update for the aerial combat MMO, World of Warplanes.
Its been a few months since the official launch and although a few
small updates have been introduced Update 1.2 marks the first addition
of serious content, including many of the features requested by the
community since the games launch.

The update, which they plan to
introduce tomorrow March 6th, will bring with it a variety of new
elements to the game including added diversity at different tiers, more
customizable options for individual aircraft and new client features to
add more depth to the entire experience.

The key features of Update 1.2 are outlined below:

  • Missions
    New missions will be introduced, complete with a variety of exciting rewards.
  • Replay recording & playback 
    Players are now able to view recordings of their matches and play back the best bits.
  • More informative post-battle stats
    new post-battle screen comes complete with tons of new information to
    help players better understand their dominance in the air.
  • Aircraft balance and historical accuracy changes
    Many elements have been tweaked to make the planes more realistic and historically accurate.
  • Economy changes
    will be fully rewarded with credits and experience points for defeated
    enemies using a new set of parameters including total HP at the moment
    of death adding additional rewards for players that manage to target an
    enemies critical systems.

For more information you can check the post on the official website.

Source: Press Release

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