Albion Online Alpha Testing Announced

Sandbox Interactive today announced that the long awaited initial alpha testing phase for the cross-platform sandbox MMORPG game, Albion Online, will begin on March 24th. The developers have warned that players will need to act fast as they will only distribute a very limited number of keys as they hope to receive critical feedback on many elements of the game from its fan base.

“Though this alpha test will be the biggest we’ve
ever run, the number of keys is still limited and we are looking for
critical feedback from fans as we reach this next phase,” said
Yasmin Babb, Community Manager at Sandbox Interactive.  “Players should be on
the lookout within the next few weeks for information about what
potential testers can expect during the Albion Online alpha

Albion Online is one of the more exciting projects to hit the MMO space in recent years with the promise of delivering an exciting sandbox experience across both mobile and PC/MAC platforms. Many of the elements, such as full loot PvP and large-scale battles, have never really been used in the mobile space before, giving the game the potential to really change the way hardcore players perceive the mobile MMO genre.

There’s not much information available regarding the distribution of keys but we’ll be sure to let you know once there is.

Source: Press Release

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